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7 / 31.01.2008
Added Kubuntu/Debian package of version 0.6 in deb fomat!
It should work on any debian-based distro.
Check up Downloads page.

Added: admin
6 / 15.05.2007
Added ready packages of version 0.6 in rpm and tgz fomats.
Rpm-packages should work on Red-Hat/Fedora,Suse,Mandriva and other rpm-based distros.
Tgz-packages should work on Slackware,Vector,KateOS,Zenwalk and othes slackware-based distros.
Check up SF download page.

Added: admin
5 / 06.05.2007
Version 0.5 released!
-added prevew button for input and ecoded videos
-added custom cropping (top,bottom,left,right) of the video
-added deinterlace filter switch
-added dump video encoding statistics log switch
-added time limitation function for the video
-added size limitation of of encoded video
-added aspect ratio selector
-some interface changes
-updated readme file

Added: admin
4 / 27.04.2007
Huge update!
Version 0.4 released!
-huge interface changes (it becomes more user-friendly and comfortable)
-added priority control
-added ffmpeg presence and needed codecs support auto-detector
-added autohide function of AAC switches( if your ffmpeg doesnt support AAC encoding)
-added verbose mode switch (usefull if you can`t encode the video and don`t know what`s wrong,
ffmpeg messages can be useful)
-added audio volume control (you can tune up amplification or fading of audio volime)
-added "set defaults" button
-various code fixes

Added: admin
3 / 18.04.2007
Version 0.3 released!
-all settings now can be editible (use carefull)
-added support for audio files encoding in AMR format(cab be usefull for old models of mobile phones)
-added clear button
-some interface chenges
-minor fixes

Added: admin
2 / 10.04.2007
New version 0.2 released!
-added stereo switch for AAC
-added tooltips
-added some graphics
-added input file selector filter
-added readme file
-added changelog file
-some interface fixes

Added: admin
1 / 27.03.2007
Initial release
v.0.1beta - released!!

Added: admin

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